Happy audiologist

Happy audiologist

According to CareerCast.com, audiology is the second best career of 2015. The best careers are determined by a specific methodology that includes analyzing criteria related to environment, income, stress, and more.

This isn’t the first time audiology has made it to the top ten of the best careers. It’s been moving its way up the list since at least 2011, peaking this year at number two!

Although it has the lowest average annual salary among the top ten winners at $71,133, it has the highest potential growth outlet at almost 35% followed most closely by dental hygienists.

A typical day for an audiologist might include hearing aid repairs, adult or pediatric hearing assessments, hearing aid fittings or reviews, newborn hearing tests, balance assessments and rehabilitation, audiograms for ENT consultants, etc.

This career can be rewarding on so many fronts; fitting an elderly person with hearing aids programmed for their specific hearing loss and seeing their face light up when the realize they can actually hear again, fitting a child with proper hearing instruments and seeing the joy when they can communicate better with parents and siblings, seeing an elderly person experience better balance with better hearing and gaining confidence in mobility…all this contributes to the satisfaction with the career choice.

From a patient perspective, finding a caring and knowledgeable audiologist to provide the proper care and guidance with hearing instruments can be like having a trusted friend on your side. Knowing that your hearing care provider cares about your hearing success can make all the difference when using hearing aids.

For a complete list of the top ten careers of 2015 and related information, see this article on CareerCast.

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