According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1.1 billion young people are at risk for hearing loss.

Since the industrial revolution which spanned from about 1760 until about 1840, people have been exposed to more and more industrial noise than ever before in the history of mankind. In many instances, the exposure to excess noise was unavoidable. And, even if it was avoidable, no one paid much mind to the fact that it could negatively impact one’s ability to hear. In the early 1980’s with the instant popularity of the Sony Walkman, the first portable personal music device with headphones, people began to expose themselves to very loud noise for the express purpose of entertainment. Between iPods, MP3 players, smart phones, and tablets there are literally billions of devices of (potential) hearing destruction out in the world! Not only that, these devices are being given to toddlers for entertainment.

girl with earbud earring

Girl with earbud earring

WHO estimates that nearly 50% of young people between the ages of 12 and 35 are exposed regularly to unsafe sound levels. Forty percent of them are also exposed to unsafe sound levels at venues (concerts, conventions, night clubs, sporting events, etc). Sound levels are considered unsafe if exposure is in excess of 85 dB for eight hours or just 15 minutes of 100 dB. See Decibel Comparison Chart

People can help themselves by protecting their hearing with a few simple steps:

1) Limit exposure times or wear well-fitted ear plugs when in high decibel situations
2) Wear noise-canceling earplugs
3) Be mindful of the volume on personal sound devices and limit listening to an hour per day

There are easily accessible smart phone apps to monitor safe listening levels or reduce sound through the headphones. Try these or other by searching ‘Sound Level Meter’ in the Google Play Store or the App Store (for Apple products):

Music Volume EQ
Sound Meter
Listen MUSIC Safely
Sound Meter PRO
SLP Meter
Noise Meter
Decibel Meter

Do yourself a favor that your future self with thank you for…turn down the volume!!

If you think you may be experiencing hearing loss, take our online quiz. It’s painless and free! Remember ihearingaids is here to help you hear!

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