Ear squinting. Ever heard of it? It’s a technical term (well, not super technical) that is used in the audiology industry (well, not industry wide) to describe the face one makes when they are trying to hear better. It’s kinda like eye squinting when you are trying to see something small or when the sun is in your eyes. You know the face. You may have even made it yourself, in which case you wouldn’t know what it looks like, per se, but you’d know what it feels like…trying to hear what someone is saying to you but not quite picking up all the sounds…struggling to make sense of the noises but trying to be discreet about it…holding your hand near your ear and hoping your hair covers your hand…you know the feeling.

Not a discreet ear squinter.

This man is not a discreet ear squinter.

We laugh about this now because it just sounds funny. But if you’ve been ear squinting perhaps it’s time to get your hearing tested. It doesn’t hurt (that’s a plus). And if you do have hearing loss in one or both ears, you can be be fitted with very discreet hearing instruments. And that’s better than trying to be discreet while you are ear squinting.

By the way, ‘ear squinting’ is a term coined by the good folks here at ihearingaids (well…we think it was because we’ve never heard it anywhere else). With proper hearing instruments, not only can you put an end to your ear squinting, you can say “hello” to everything your ears have been missing (you can say a lot more, too…because you’ll be an actual participant in the conversation rather than just a squinter).

If you or someone you know could benefit from a good hearing test and/or hearing aids, ihearingaids is here to help. Just click here to contact us. Or, if you are a talker, give us a call at 855-444-3272….we’d love to hear from you!

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